parrot for sell -

Posted date : 2018-11-27 02:18:46
Hello brother and sister we sell birds and eggs of:
-hyacinth macaws
-scarlet macaws
-blue gold macaws
-Catalina macaws
-military macaws.
African Grey:
-Congo African Grey
-Timneh African Grey
-blue cheeked amazons
-blue front amazons
-Doble yellow headed amazons
-whit fronted amazons
-green cheeked amazons
-orange winged amazons
-red necked amazons
-blue faced amazons.
-moluccan cockatoos
-umbrella cockatoos
-rose breasted cockatoos
-gang gang cockatoos
-gallah cockatoos
-goffin cockatoos
KDFC Kuwait
 vasantha bhavan
Raghavendra Matriculation School
uae exchange
 "Please verify the authenticity of this advertisement before making any deal. IFL is not responsible for THESE ADVTS. As a free service we just share what we are receiving"